Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rickie Lee Jones

Downloaded (legally) Rickie Lee Jones' "Sermon On Exposition Boulevard" the other day and am really enjoying it. Have never been a fan (or not a fan) of her in the past but heard some interesting buzz about this album and that it is in part musical interpretations of the Gospel of John, so I was intrigued. Turns out it is a great album. Reminds me much of Victoria Williams, with some of the rambling nature of the Hold Steady.

I asked myself if I hadn't heard about the Biblical angle before getting the album, how much would I ascribe to it? There certainly are heavy Biblical allusions in some songs, but it all offers a unique take on things. One of my favorites lyrically is "Where I Like It Best" about prayer and contrasting TV preachers with Jesus' admonition to not make a big scene about it.

Also enjoying Delta Spirit "I Think I've Found It", though I just got it today. I discovered these guys while looking into the Cold War Kids (they're on CWK's old label and touring with them now or soon). I actually like them better than CWK. The best comparison is The Strokes with a lot more soul. A couple of free MP3s are available at the above website, as well as at their MySpace page.

Also picked up the new Patty Griffin CD today and an old Moutain Goats album, but haven't listened to either yet.

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