Monday, May 7, 2007

Our Soundtrack Project

My friend LM sent me a great zine called Our Soundtrack Project which I finally read cover to cover tonight. It's a series of essays people have written about their memories and experiences of various songs. LM has two essays in it which bookend the zine.

As a music fan, I found the zine to be extremely engaging and a great idea. Much of the writing was solid and poignant, or just downright hilarious (a serious of essays by one author about various songs listened to while trying to score weed). I hesitate to say this as I may one day try and get published in this zine, but I found the editor's 2 included pieces to be the only ones that were particularly trite. I appreciate the range of music covered too...from Christina Aguilera (thankfully short) to the Smoking Popes, to a few bands I've never heard of.

So give it a look or throw it a submission -

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Our said...

No worries (from the editor's desk). I'm glad you liked the rest of the magazine. I love to receive submissions and welcome yours.