Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Attempts To Learn Cheese - #1 Druken Goat & Lincolnshire Poacher

The Cheese: Drunken Goat Wine Cured Spanish Goat Cheese
Purchased at: Whole Foods
Price per/lb: $13.99
Why chosen: I don't really know why I chose either of the cheeses I did. I am a complete noob at cheese, so my first challenge is discerning between cheeses that are to be snacked on versus cheeses for cooking. Something on the description card at the made this sound good and interesting.
Eaten with: "Whole Pantry Original Crostini", some sliced mango, and some 365 brand Cherry Vanilla soda.
Thoughts: The smell was pleasantly familiar to me, though I couldn't place it. The texture was soft, but not spreadable soft. Mildly flavorful. Very good. I would definitely buy it again.

The Cheese: Neals Yard Dairy English Cheese - Lincolnshire Poacher
Purchased at: Whole Foods
Price per/lb: $24.99
Why chosen: See above
Eaten with: See above
Thoughts: The smell was rather pungent and didn't make me particularly excited about eating it. The taste was also very strong and not particularly pleasant to my unrefined palate. I gave it a few tries, but did not eat much and will take it to the office tomorrow for whoever wants it. The dairy's website describes the cheese as "Smoother-textured than a cheddar with a fruity, nutty flavour that sometimes tastes pineappley". I didn't get that at all, but maybe I will give it one more try with that description in mind.

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