Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I'm a door holder - as any decent person should be. Male or female, it's not just chivalry. Lately though I've been thinking about a situation that has long been frustratingly awkward - the double entry with consecutive sets of doors. You go through one set into into a small entry way (you know that little area you get shoved out into when you're waiting for a table at a busy restaurant), then immediately through a second set of doors into the main building. What is the etiquette for that? Is the person you've just held the first door for supposed to hold the second door for you? Should they just go straight through the second door to avoid all awkwardness? Should they wait for you to come open the second door? I think typically when someone has held the first door for me, I then hold the second door for them, but something still feels awkward about this - like you're negating their kindness. Like you can't stand to be beholden to them so you must immediately repay the favor. I've also been known, with my long arm-span or with a foot and an arm, to occasionally attempt the double hold - opening both doors at once. This is incredibly awkward though and can make you look like kind of an idiot.
I've googled this issue and haven't come up with anything (though I did discover a fun site - EtiquetteHell).

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