Saturday, October 6, 2007

September's Mix CD

Better late than never, here is September's Mix CD (it was actually made in September):

1. Ron Sexsmith - I Think We're Lost

The title says it all...

2. They Might Be Giants - Spiralling Shape

No clue what this is about, like most TMBG songs, but it's fun, like most TMBG songs

3. Gillian Welch - Look At Miss Ohio

This one hit me like an old friend recently. I just needed some Gillian...

4. The Shangri-Las - Dum Dum Ditty

I used many of my E-Music downloads this month to grab some more girl-group stuff. This one is light and fun, but I swear they're actually saying "Run Run Ditty"...

5. Josh Ritter - Open Doors

From his new one "The Historical Conquests of...". Quite a disappointment after the stunning "Animal Years". This album is pretty heavy on the Dylan influence. This song, not so much.

6. Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez - Red Dog Tracks

I've wanted this album forever after hearing "Put Your Hat on Jenny". Finally found a used copy at Reckless and am very satisfied. Beautiful, fun, traditional yet accessible.

7. Golden Smog - I Can

The album "Another Fine Day" didn't do a whole lot for me, but I had kind of overlooked this track. The first of two odd stories of making this mix CD - because I generate the playist on my IPod throughout the month, I often have a hard time putting together the actual CD because I have to track down the original CDs or downloads...could not find this one anywhere. Then I went to get the Mountain Goats "All Hail West Texas" for another song on this mix, and this CD was in the case.

8. My Little Brother - Art Brut

Yes, I've been listening to this song for what seems like ages now, but I kind of came to Art Brut in wierd ways, with much of my first listens being live versions. This is the album version, and I really like it.

9. Sing To Me - Grey DeLisle

So much of Grey's stuff is hard for me to really get behind, but this one came up on shuffle recently and it so beautiful and a nice story. She has such an interesting bio too - wife of Murray from the Old 97s, cartoon voice actor (she often does Daphne for Scooby Doo), and alt-country songstress.

10. Two By Two - The Features

Not a great band across the board, yet, but a few really great songs. This one grabbed me because it reminds me a lot of Jesus Jones. I'm not sure why that would be a good thing, but it just seems to be. Looking forward to a new album from them soon.

11. Moonshine Willy - Don't You Want Me

I've had this album forever - how did I miss this? Yes, it is a cover of the Human League song, done up in Moonshine Willy's hillbilly bluegrass punk. Right up there with their "Madonna Trilogy".

12. The Mountain Goats - Riches and Wonders

All my first attractions to the Mountain Goats revolved around the bitter angry songs ("No Children", "Cubs in Five", etc...destined for upcoming mix CDs) and his poignant growing up songs ("This Year", "Cubs in Five", etc...). I was surprised to find such a sweet love song. He still adds that little hint of dysfunction though - "I am healthy, I am whole, I have poor impulse control".

13. Easy on Yourself - Drive-By Truckers

I kept waking up with this one in my head last month. Partly I think because I was listening to Jason Isbell's solo CD (he takes the lead on this one), and partly I think my psyche talking to me.

14. Be Careful - Mutual Admiration Society

I didn't think about this when coming up with track list or programming the song order, but as I was listening the other night, it hit me that this song is really the antidote to "Easy on Yourself" (the line is "Don't be so easy on yourself"...whereas this song's line is "Be careful to yourself, cause noone else will"). MAS was a (so far) one off collaboration between former Toad The Wet Sprocket frontman (and excellent solo artist) Glen Phillips, and Nickel Creek. Not one of my favorite projects of his, but a few nice tunes.
Strange story #2 from making this mix CD - this was another one I couldn't find my copy of the CD anywhere, and had given up on. Then I went to the library the day I was making this, and in the book sale area they had a little box of CDs, and a promo copy of this CD for $1. What are the odds?

15. Josh Ritter - Rumors

My other favorite track from the new album.

16. Banjos and Trampolines - Don Peris

Beautiful, beautiful album. He's such a great songwriter and singer - it's too bad he took so long to make a solo album (he's in Innocence Mission) and it's too bad his second solo album was instrumental.

17. The Crystals - Heartbreaker

The Crystals or The Shangri-Las? Thank God I don't have to decide.

18. The Hold Steady - Citrus

More ramblings about Jesus and lovers.

19. Rationale - Bill Mallonee

Since disbaning Vigilantes of Love and losing his umpteenth record contract, Bill has been quietly recording new tracks every month, many chronicling his failed marriage and disillusion with the record business, and making them available to subscribers of "BillTunes". Check him out at You won't be disappointed.

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