Thursday, April 17, 2008

Corn Accessories Sur La Table Would Like Me To Consider

Planning to cook up some corn tonight and realized I no longer have any of those poky corn holder thingies. In perusing my options on Sur La Table's website (I'll walk over to their store at lunch today), here are some other suggested corn-related accessories:

As for the corn holder options (apparently also termed "corn picks"), I'll have to see what exactly is available in store, but options I won't be going with:

  • Lobster Corn Picks (in shape of lobster, for some reason)
  • Barbecue Folk Corn Holders (one end in shape of the head and shoulders of some down-home barbecueing type person that looks like they might have been designed by Gary Larson, the other end in the shape of the person's lower half)
  • Corn Picks (in shape of ears of corn, in case you forget what you bought them for)
Two conclusions to be drawn:
  1. If properly accessorized, grilling and serving corn for four people could run you $70 if you leave the kernels on the cob ($150 if you're also making martinis).
  2. There is need for an official term for removing kernels of corn from the cob. I suggest that this term not be "zipping" or "slitting".

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