Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's On Your IPod

I usually avoid internet surveys like the plague, but my friend J posted this one on her blog and I'm a sucker for anything music related, so here goes.

This would probably be more interesting if I hadn't had to replace my IPod some months ago. I'm still in the process of getting my library onto the new one and am about 3000 songs shy of where the old one was at.

Total Library Length: 8043 Songs, 21 Days, 34.41 GB

First and Last Songs (by title):

  • Abbatoir Blues by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (ABC by the Jackson 5 comes in second J)
  • 911 to Orson Wells (sp?) by Robert Deeble

Shortest & Longest Songs:

  • The Sky is a Harpsichord Canvas by Olivia Tremor Control :04
  • A Long Day by The Polyphonic Spree 36:31

First and Last Albums (by title):

  • A.M by Wilco
  • 80th Birthday EP by Charlie Louvin
    (I think these make nice bookends. J - I guess my copy of Achutung Baby hasn't made it on yet, but if it did, it would be 6th)

First and Last Artist (by name):

  • A.C. Newman
  • The 1900's (J - 10,000 Maniacs is second to last for me)

Top 5 Most Played Songs (actually 6 because of a tie):

  • Don't Tell Me To Do The Math by Los Campesinos! (18)
  • I Want You Back by Jackson 5 (17)
  • Death to Los Campesinos! by Los Campesinos! (15)
  • We Both Go Down Together by The Decemberists (14 Tie)
  • Run Myself Out of Town by The Holmes Brothers (14 Tie)
  • Hey Baby by The Holmes Brothers (14 Tie)
    This is where having the new IPod is a bit of a bummer. I'd be much more interested to see the top 5 over the last 3 years. I listen to my IPod on shuffle about 90% of the time, so there is some aspect of randomness here, but all 6 six of these songs are definitely favorites. I'm not at all surprised by the Los Campesinos! appearances as I've beat that one to death the last few months. I'm also not surprised by the Jackson 5 as they're constant favorites, though I am a bit surprised by "I Want You Back" as I've made no special effort to listen to that song (and I swear it has nothing to do with my recent divorce!). Ditto the Decemberists and Holmes Brothers...both favorites, and a few of my favorite songs by them, but I don't believe I've been purposefully calling them up or hitting repeat.

Search for the following words. how many songs show up?
  • sex: 5, though one qualifies because it has the word "sexton" in the title (after eliminating songs by Ron Sexsmith, Charlie Sexton, and Martin Sexton)
  • death: 24 though one album has "death" in the title and accounts for 12 entries
  • love: 525
  • you: 868
  • home: 108
  • boy: 129
  • girl: 168

First Five Songs That Come Up On Party Shuffle:
As best I can tell party shuffle actually uses my computer library, not my IPod library and the computer library is much smaller than my IPods, but here goes:

  • Daylight Savings Time By Josh Rouse
  • A New Family by Colour Revolt (This is from a sampler CD and I'm not sure I've even heard it)
  • One Last "woo-hoo" for the Pullman by Sufjan Stevens
  • Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You by Sally Timms
  • Welcome to the Occupation by R.E.M.

...would be a strange party.


Hippos & Jeeps said...

VERY nice...I'm impressed. I love it. Always interesting to see what friends are listening to. Might have to download a couple of those myself!

Courtney Cannon said...

Jason, I'm sorry to say that I haven't listened to a single one of those songs!