Monday, December 22, 2008

New Year's Resolution #4

I will go to the dentist

There's a Simpsons' scene where Lisa asks the saxophonist Bleeding Gums Murphy how he got his name. He asks Lisa "You ever been to the dentist?". She replies, "Yes". He says, "I haven't".

While I've certainly been to the dentist before in my life, it's been a long time. Years. Many. It's a catch-22 for me really. While I can certainly scrape up the funds for a check-up and cleaning, I have a fear that it's not going to end there - that I'm going to be told I need more painful and painfully expensive work. So I don't go because I don't want to face this reality. But the longer I don't go, probably the more I'm going to need and the more expensive it's going to be. So the problem just perpetuates itself.

But this is the year, I promise, I'm going, and more sooner than later.


Manifestation said...

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Cuppa Jo said...

I have a great dentist. Let me know if you need information. I like reading your resolutions. I am very resolution oriented, but haven't really sat to think about any yet. You are spurring me on!