Monday, April 27, 2009

A list

I thought a list might be a nice way to ease myself back into a bit of blogging after a long dry spell. It's that or I just start posting all the 1/2 written drafts I have saved...

Things I'm Currently Midly (or more) Addicted To:

1. Coffee

2. Starbucks Toffee Almond Bars (it's always nice when two or more addictions can feed each other)

3. The Decemberists "Hazards of Love" I have a tendency to put one CD in my car and listen to it over and over and over...this is currently it. An album I expected to hate, but was so so wrong.

4. Picross DS - a little like Sudoku, but you get rewarded with a picture

5. Darrell Lea Soft Strawberry Licorice (found at World Market)- I thought I'd be sick of this by now. Nope. My favorite candy of the moment by far. The raspberry is no slouch either...

6. Brothers K Vanilla Lattes. Metropolis and Intelligentsia get all the attention, and are both fine coffee purveyors in their own right (and Brothers K uses Metropolis beans), but no one makes a better vanilla latte than Brothers K. Not to mention having nicest baristas ever and being walking distance from my apartment.

7. Dollhouse - It started shaky but has turned around into an incredibly compelling and nuanced show with an emotional center....much like other great Joss Whedon shows. It's so good Fox will surely cancel it.

8. Catan on Xbox Live - A console version of the hipster board game. E & A can take all the blame for getting me hooked on this.

9. Twitter - I'm still a Facebook junkie and unashamed of it, but Twitter is compelling for completely different reasons. It took me awhile to "get it", but I think the moment it clicked for me was when Amanda Palmer was requesting people tweet her questions because she was bored on the tour bus.

10. 30 Rock - I was slow getting to this one, and I have to admit its been incredibly uneven, but I still find myself referencing it way more than could possibly be cool.


Cuppa Jo said...

What? What is this blog? Who are you?

So glad to have opened up Google Reader to find a (1) next to Chicago Randomness . . .

I still don't get Twitter, but have always gotten 30 Rock.

Greg said...

Definitely agree on Dollhouse. Still don't get Twitter.

emily said...

you should play AGAINST me sometime! it's so fun! but aaron thinks the hard level is full of shenanigans.

Laura-Marie said...

I just requested Hazards of Love from my library--I'm hold #32.

Anonymous said...
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