Saturday, March 17, 2007

Battle of the Corporate Lattes

Starbucks Cinammon Dolce Latte (skim, no whip cream) - Very Good

Seattle's Best Honey Cinammon Latte (skim, no whip cream though I'm not sure if they even usually put it on or not) - Pretty Bad


Laura-Marie said...

If that's dolce like sweet, it's one thing, but if it's dolce like dolce de leche, then that's caramel, and (other than chocolate) there is no greater substance known to humankind.

Anyway, maybe the Starbucks has artificial flavors. My pessimism of the morning.

Jason said...

That raises an interesting question - what exactly is in this latte that I've probably had about 30 of since they introduced them a few months ago?

It's definitely dolce as in sweet - there is no caramel in it, though I could have them add caramel. It's a Torani-type syrup. But is it just a cinnamon syrup? Or is it cinnamon syrup plus something else to elevate it above just being a Cinnamon latte? Maybe it is supposed to be an artificial cinnamon/caramel flavor?

A visit to Starbucks' webpage for this drink doesn't answer the question of exactly what kind of syrup and/or other flavorings are being put it, but it does settle what flavor they are aiming for - cinammon, butter, and brown sugar. Not something I would try had it been described to me, but good nonetheless. Unfortunately the web page also reveals that even with non-fat milk and no whip cream this is still 310 calories for a Venti!

Laura-Marie said...

Mmm, butter and brown sugar. Sounds kinda caramel-ish, to me.

Yeah, that calorie count is pretty crazy for a drink. I guess it's fine as long as you think of it as a food and factor it in that way.