Thursday, March 1, 2007

Further Notes Concerning The Vacant Lot Across The Street From My Office

The doorless, graffiti covered linen truck has now moved to the far east side of the lot. We were all amazed that this van is movable and someone must be more or less "caring" for it.

M: I wouldn't mind having that van

Me: Yes, but it's probably got a lot of pee in it.


BigRAY_3183 said...

I hear you, it is always a concern when something like that happens. Allow me to introduce myself my name is Ray as you probably know and I seen your blog and was interested, so I thought we could be blog buddies. I currently live in Minnesota. If you would like add me to your links and check out my random ramblinges only found at the suntimes.

Jason said...

I think I'll take a pass...but thanks for stopping by.