Friday, December 28, 2007

Testaments To My Dorkiness - The Piano Scarf

Yesterday I saw a man getting out of his car in front of my office wearing a scarf that looks like a piano keyboard, which instantly took me back to high school when I owned that same scarf. Then I thought, wow that scarf looks really dorky, man I was a dork. Then I got to thinking, even beyond how dorky it looks, how utterly ridiculous it was to be wearing a scarf at all on the Central Coast of California, where the mid-50's is a cold spell in winter. Then I thought even farther and remembered that I wanted that scarf because our band/choir teacher had one (and I was a piano player). This teacher was more sad than dorky, but in no way cool or beloved by his students. Not someone my socially awkward teenage self should have been taking fashion cues from. God bless my friends for not shunning me.


Ahna said...

Weather in the mid-50's *definitely* merits a scarf! Give a little grace to your younger self, my friend. He grew up to be a good man.

Laura-Marie said...

I kind of loved band teacher.