Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pointless Things I Do Out of Habit - Hard Boiled Egg Edition

Fact: I keep my uncooked eggs in the refrigerator (usually a good idea), in their original packaging, which is typically your standard cardboard egg carton. They never, ever, are kept in any other fashion.

Fact: I keep my hardboiled eggs in a bowl. They never, ever, are put in back in the egg carton. It's not even a temptation (though now that I think of it, it could save refrigerator space, like I have anything in there competing for space anyway).

Not Quite A Fact in the Scientifically Provable Sense: Approx. 85% of the time, if I'm hardboiling eggs, they're the only eggs in the house anyway because I'm trying to use them up.

In spite of these facts, everytime I make hardboiled eggs, I knock the egg against the counter to put a small dent in the shell signifying its hardboiledness. Pointless. Utterly. A carryover from my childhood when eggs mingled carelessly in the melting pot that was our refrigerator.


Hippos and Jeeps said...

It truly comforts me to know that I'm not the only one out there that deals with these amazingly pointless things in life. You, my friend, make me feel 'normal'. :)

Although I have to admit, I do put my hard-boiled eggs back in the carton. BUT, I have to make sure that I strongly mark the carton as 'HARD-BOILED' all over in permanent marker, on all sides, including the bottom. Not like there's really a need - I almost never have hard-boiled AND soft-boiled eggs at the same time....


Melody said...

I currently have a bowl of hardboiled eggs in my fridge.

My mom used to tear the lid off the hardboiled egg carton and then write a little HB on top of each egg so that we could tell the difference.

Maybe I choose the bowl because I'm too lazy to do all that...or maybe I'm just a rebel.

allen-christopher said...

why do I read your stuff!!! it's SOOO funny!! Dude!