Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1 Vs. 100

I finally hit that milestone that every adult dreams of - my 100th Facebook friend. One thing I've come to realize from using Facebook is the reason we fall out of touch with people is that we can only sustain so many real relationships. There are so many people on Facebook I was excited to find or excited to have find me that I still have had almost no contact with. I think a lot of the times it's been more about collecting people than connecting with people. My regular contact is with the people I'd be regularly in contact with anyway. That's not to say it's not a great site just for the fun of it - walls, status updates, photo sharing, groups, event invitations, etc...are all great. But it has certainly not revolutionized my social network.

So, just for the heck of it, here's the breakdown on my 100 "closest" friends:

26 - Former youth group kids (now in college or older)

13 - Current youth group kids

11 - People from summer mission trips I took when I was in high school, some of whom I've had ongoing relationships, some of whom I haven't spoken to since the trips

7 -People I went to college with (almost none of whom I've had ongoing relationships with)

6 -People I went to high school with

5 - Friends/Acquantainces I see on a regular basis, mostly from church

5 -Former youth group leaders

4 -Current Co-workers

3 - Hard-to-classify acquantainces, friends or significant others of friends, etc...

3 -Former youth group leaders i also went to college with

3 - Current Youth Group Leaders

2 - Friends I knew when I was in high school but weren't from my high school

2 - Former youth group kids, still in youth group, at my previous church

2 - Former Co-workers

2 - Current youth group leaders who were also former youth group kids

2 - Staff or counselors from summer camps I counseled/spoke at

2 -People I went to college with but didn't know until after college

1 - Former High School Teachers (Actually still a high school teacher, formerly my high school teacher)

1 - People who for some reason have 2 profiles

Since 1 person has 2 profiles, my 100th friend was really my 99th (thanks alot Lisa - everyone else is happy with 1 profile, why can't you be?). Luckily, since beginning to work on this post, I've received my 101st friend request. So I add -

Family Members - 1

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Hippos and Jeeps said...

Wow - this took a lot of time and thought, I'm assuming! Does it make me any more special that I'm one of the 11 AND one of the 7? No? OK, well, I can live with that... :)