Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Week of Tedium - Sunday

The alarm went off at 6am and I immediately began questioning my devotion to playing in the worship band. I wouldn't have had to get up quite so early except I always forget to give Linnea a bath on Saturday night and I couldn't possibly bring a dirty child to church (that's a joke, but really, by Sunday she needs the bath). Luckily she was pretty cooperative this morning and we got out the door okay. I really wanted to stop for coffee on the way, but part of her bribe for being good during band rehearsal is that we go to Starbucks between rehearsal and Sunday School, so I had to wait. Luckily she was pretty well behaved during rehearsal and I got to have my coffee.

Jr. High Sunday school got onto the topic of salvation and heaven and does God send good people who don't go to church. Bob was straight out with the "Jesus is the only way to heaven" dogma, and to his credit he was pretty diplomatic about it. I was having a pretty agnostic morning after reading part of a New Yorker article about theodicy and tried to put forward a bit more inclusive take on things but I think I was overly vague and didn't really say much of anything. I need to figure out what my best answers to these questions are and how to relate them to kids. You would think I would have that figured out by now, but my faith is a constantly developing thing and my views on things change and develop and refine.

Worship during second service was a bit disheartening (see other blog post) and the service was long....very long. I nodded off, but that's nothing new.

Linnea and I had lunch at home then K stopped by to pick up a DVD I made for her. I also sent her away with some of the cookies I made, which are awesome by the way. Linnea sat on my lap for awhile and we went through a kid's magazine my mom sent her a subscription for. I think it's supposed to be Highlights for younger kids (I thought you could only get Highlights in pediatricians offices).

After dropping Linnea off at her mom's I tried to call to see if her new headboard/footboard were ready to be picked up, but the guy needed to call me back with an answer so I headed home and started watching "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which I had from Netflix. I eventually got the call back with a confirmation that the bed was ready and that they closed at 6. So I took a nap then headed over to pick it up and get some dinner. I ended up at Sashimi Sashimi, which has my favorite roll in the world with the worst name - the Big Chicago. I don't even know what it has in it, but it's awesome. Then I grabbed a coffee at Peet's and headed home. More Forgetting Sarah Marshall, my usual Sunday Rock Band 2 drumming session (with neighbors and Linnea the times when I can play the drums are extremely limited, but they're really fun, so I've found Sunday afternoon/evening to be a good time for it), then laundry and putting Linnea's headboard/footboard together. I could write a whole long blog about the ordeal of what it has taken to finally get her a new bed, but I'll take a cue from my friend's blog and just not go there.

A pretty good Sunday and now I should be in my bed.

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