Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Week of Tedium - Tuesday

I went to bed last night around 9:30, which is very early for me. I awoke this morning from another vivid and very angry dream. The weird thing was I didn't know anyone in the dream. I can't figure out who they were all subbing for either.

Got Linnea to her Grandmother's and then hit the Skokie post office to mail that package. While I frequently use the self service machine in that post office, this was the first I've used an actual human being, and was scolded for not understanding where the line was, in spite of the fact that there were no visual clues to help me with that.

The freeway was horrible and I attempted an alternate route, but decided I probably would have been better off staying on the freeway and am swearing to never let myself talk me into trying different routes again. They never turn out well.

Not much excitement at work, though I felt a bit more productive than yesterday. After work I stopped at GameStop to pick up Fable II. The clerk was a bit of a wiseacre at my expense, but I remember my own attempts to entertain myself while working retail. Played a bit of the game before heading off to youth group, and a bit after. It's way too early to pass any judgement, but it looks nice.

Jr. High Youth group was well attended and the students were energetic as usual. A number of high schoolers were there too who are planning to go on the retreat this weekend as helpers. There are a lot of them planning to go on the retreat and I'm concerned the ratio may be too heavy on adults and high schoolers, but we'll see.

During baseball season I love listening to Cubs games while I clean the kitchen. I actually almost never watch games on TV. When baseball season is over, this creates quite a void for me and it is hard to get myself into the kitchen to clean. I was trying to think of what else I might enjoy listening to while cleaning and I thought of a show on XRT Tuesday nights at 10pm that I've been wanting to listen to for years, but when am I ever listening to the radio at 10pm on a Tuesday night? So I made a date to listen and clean tonight (don't worry, I clean more than once a week). The show is often hosted by Jon Langford who is one of my favorite Chicago musicians and seeming all around cool guy, though I've only personally spoken about 2 sentences to him. I caught about 45 minutes tonight and wasn't terribly hooked, but will try again next week. I'll have to start looking out for some NPR or WLUW programs in the evenings that I might make a date for too. And hopefully by April I'll be ready to let the Cubs back into my crushed heart.


melody said...

I just wanted to say I'm less than impressed by your follow-thru with this whole blogging everyday for a week thing...4 days?!

I'm assuming that either your life is so dull that you don't even have a funny tidbit from the office to share OR that your life is such a non-stop thrill ride, you just haven't had a single second to fill us all in.

I'm going with number 2 for now.

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