Monday, October 20, 2008

My Week of Tedium - Monday

I managed to drag myself out of bed around 7ish and found "Alex Chilton" by The Replacements going through my head. I don't actually own any Replacements, which I'm starting to feel the need to remedy, but "Alex Chilton" is in Rock Band and was one of the last songs I played last night and it is darn catchy. Not only does it make me feel bad about not having any Replacements in my collection, it makes me feel bad about not having any Big Star.

Managed to get a lunch together (leftover Turkey Burger from the other night) and rode in with A. Stopped at NYC Bagel for a tub of their incredible Sun Dried Tomato cream cheese, which I then left at work, as usual, so I have to remember to bring bagels to work with me. It does pain me a bit to be in Chicago going to a place called NYC Bagel, but if there's better bagels and cream cheese in Chicago, 2 blocks from my office, please direct me.

Work was work. I was very sleepy and non-productive this afternoon. At lunch I walked to the bank to deal with some money transferring. It started to drizzle on my walk back, but luckily I made it before it started pouring. The only real excitement in the day was M had brought in an old (fully functional) Commodore 64, with disk drive, monitor and a box full of games. I spent much of my adolescence playing with my Commodore 64, so it was a trip down memory lane. I have no idea what became of my C64 or when I stopped using it (sometime in high school), but I didn't own another computer or game system until my mother-in-law gave us an old 486 computer, which I think we replaced within a year with a then-current model.

Took the el home and walked in a few minutes before Linnea got dropped off. The kitchen is still a mess from the weekend's cooking so we went out to eat. Something possessed me to take us to Chili's - I don't know why. I try very hard not to eat at such places. I had chicken club tacos with stale tortillas (I do like their lime rice though). I couldn't even complain about the tortillas - I don't expect better from them. Linnea and I had a really good time though. Linnea did a 46 number connect the dots and I figured out a way to use what she already knew about counting to help her find her way through the 20s, 30s, and 40s. She's a pretty smart kid, but every parent probably thinks that of their child. On the way home we stopped at CVS to pick up some packing tape so I could mail something I sold on E-Bay, and I was glad we stopped there because when I went to pay I realized I left my bank card at Chili's (luckily I had enough cash to cover the purchase, which was a miracle since I almost never carry cash). We headed back over to Chilis and I double parked and called and asked them to bring it out to me to cut down on the hassle of parking in the garage and dragging Linnea back and forth.

This is really boring. Luckily it's the end. Maybe tomorrow will bring something exciting.

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melody said...

“The joy of life is made up of obscure and seemingly mundane victories that give us our own small satisfactions.” -Billy Joel (one of your favorites, right?)

A happy dinner, enjoying your daughter sounds like a victory to me:)