Wednesday, January 31, 2007

At the Supermarket

One of the strangest signs I've ever seen is where the razors are kept at the Jewel on Chicago Ave in Evanston. The blades are kept in these plastic bins with doors on them, and the sign on the doors says "Lift Door - Alarm Will Sound". This is goes completely against logic and human nature. Why would I want to do something that would cause an alarm to sound? I kid you not, the first time I saw this I walked away without getting the razors I needed.

I've since been a bit braver (and stubblier). When you lift the door, sure enough a local alarm sounds. I wouldn't even call it an alarm - more of an alert. It stops when you put the door back down. Razor blades are expensive and they must have a particular shoplifting problem with them?

I think the sign definitely needs to be amended, but I'm not sure what to suggest. It's hard to come up with something that would reassure legitimate razor customers, yet still deter shoplifters. You have to wonder though if they're not losing more money by deterring legitimate customers such as myself who don't like to hear alarms sounding on their behalf.

This from the same store where I had to fill out a one page form to buy cough syrup...(and yes, they've heard all the meth lab jokes, and no longer laugh).

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robotmadder said...

Teenagers stealing them for self-mutilation purposes! Anyway, yes, weird.