Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Notes Concerning the Vacant Lot Across the Street From My Office

Strange things that have shown up there over the past few months:

Large portable floodlights, which we have never seen turned on.
An old truck - looks like a linen truck. Covered in grafitti. No back door. The other day some orange pylons showed up inside.

A sign that says "New Retail Development". Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I can just imagine the advertisement "Prime location in heart of run down industrial area one block from Cabrini Green". Good luck with that. As for us local employees, we're all praying for a giant food court. Come on Panda Express.

After weeks of inactivity, a crew arrived today to tear down the lone electrical pole in the lot. I didn't notice this until it was already carved up and on a trailer. I wish had gotten to see them carving it up. Yes, my job is a bit on the boring side.

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Laura-Marie said...

Oh no. I bet construction will be noisy.